Epicenter Experience Closes Strategic Growth Capital from Migration Capital

Boston, MA – Epicenter Experience announces a strategic growth investment, led by Rod Walkey of Migration Capital LLC including co-investments from Corey Griffin and Michael Muldowney, to expand the direct connection between consumers and companies.

Epicenter Experience believes that people are everything. People are the fuel of innovation in our society and the driving force of the economy, spending $14T annually on products and services. Epicenter Experience developed its cloud-based consumer experience technology, The People Platform™, to empower the direct connection between consumers and companies to share information and experiences to enhance the lives of people everywhere.

The People Platform™ has now interacted with over 55M people in the United States, who made over 1B visits to the locations of over 30+ clients. The real-time direct-from-consumer learning has delivered value and actionable insights to companies across 13 industries. People want a voice and desire to be a valued participant in leading innovation and change. The People Platform™ gives people everywhere an opportunity to opt-in and share their experiences, control their data and contribute to leading change.

“The goal of our company is a simple one, deliver an easy way for companies to listen to people, who would tell them exactly how to address any strategic issue facing the company,” said Paul Krasinski, CEO and co-founder of Epicenter Experience. “When I first met with Rod, Michael and Corey of Migration Capital, they understood the power of a solution that enables a direct connection with people. We spent more time discussing ways to apply The People Platform™ across commercial and social use cases more than deal terms, so I knew they would be ideal partners. It is rare to find people who are as tightly aligned in their values and purpose. The wealth of experience of these partners will help us transform into the company we all have envisioned. I am thrilled to have Migration Capital as a true partner on this journey.”

“Migration Capital is very excited to be part of this exciting journey with Paul and his team. I have not come across many people in my life who exude as much passion and desire as Paul in caring for his customers with the services Epicenter Experience provides utilizing The People Platform™. We are honored and thrilled to be involved as partners” stated Rod Walkey of Migration Capital.

The terms of the round were not disclosed; however, the focus of the capital will be to accelerate the growth and development of a suite of direct-from-consumer data and analytics services that inform consumer behavior, trends and path to purchase decision making for clients across all sectors.


Migration Capital is a private investment company based in Needham, Massachusetts that invests across all asset classes. Our investment philosophy is based on patience and value generation with no time or liquidity constraints. Migration Capital invests in partnerships and private companies, in different stages, sectors and geographies. We favor innovative companies with efficient capital structures, long-term growth prospects, strong governance and alignment of interest.


Founded in 2016, Epicenter Experience LLC believes that people are the epicenter of any strategy and the experience a consumer has is the defining moment in the relationship between company and consumer. Epicenter’s cloud-based consumer experience software, The People Platform™, empowers people and companies to interact directly in-location via mobile to share information, inform strategies and reimagine the world we live in. Both parties receive value from these interactions, creating a new model for how consumers and companies collaborate to lead change.

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